Attention : Notice to Public

Dhatrumurgasiniy herb was discovered by Ayurvedic Urea Research Mongolia i.e and they are the only authority licensed to plant or sell this rare herb. In other words, only the official website of Ayurvedic Urea holds original Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs stock. So, please beware of fraudulent sellers and always ask the official site at for any questions related to this premium world's exotic herb that makes human taller at any age. It has come to our notice that fake sellers are supplying fake herbs(Ayurvedic Zuna or fake Ayurvedic Urea pills) at cheaper rates which doesn't work. In order to avoid this scam please consult with the official team before making a larger purchase from internet scammers. The internet is corrupted today and therefore as a buyer it's your duty to perform due research before ordering Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs online. Do not rush into buying Ayurvedic Zuna as it is a fake/scam product that does not contain any Dhatrumurgasiniy herbs. Beware of sellers from India, African countries like Nigeria/Cameroon and perform immense amount of research before hitting the checkout button on any shady websites or facebook groups that claim to sell Ayurvedic urea or Dhatrumurgasiniy.